Compositions in Crashendo! Week 2


On 4 & 5 September, Crashendo! students from the Elgars group had their turn to work with sound artist Nat Grant. Working in pairs or trios, students wrote their own sound bites which they then repeated and layered over each other’s ideas. Inspired by Terry Riley’s In C, students were challenged to keep their place on the score and keep time with each other. Students gave a mini performance in front of other Crashendo students to great applause!

Nat has now taken their compositional ideas and written a brand new score called Choose Your Own Adventure for Elgars to perform later in the year. Come to our concert on 5 December to hear it!

It was great to see the students so engaged and confident to present their own musical ideas.

Thanks to Creative Victoria for making this project possible, Nat Grant for her inspiring workshops, and Teaching Artist Stephanie Arnold for all her assistance. Check out recordings from the project on SoundCloud.